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CIC POWERBOX LLC provides a limited WARRANTY on all products manufactured against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of up to 1 year from the date of original retail purchase. Extended warranties may be purchased separately, contact CIC POWERBOX LLC for more information.

CIC POWERBOX LLC provides a 1 year limited warranty on its internal Special Battery system. The Special Battery’s expected life is up to 10 years in the field, but the warranty covers replacement of the battery up to 1 full year as long as the battery has been cared for and kept properly charged over its life expectancy as described in the owner’s manual. Warranty shall not cover any battery that has been depleted of its state of charge to 0% or
near 0%, or has seen voltage levels drop to or below 10.5 volts or near 10.5 volts, during any stage of its life, causing total battery failure and loss of ability to recover capacity. This non-coverage also relates to any long-term storage of the battery system without providing any charge or normal required maintenance during the storage period.

These warranties are subject to the customer’s compliance with the proper installation and hookup of the CIC POWERBOX in or on a vehicle and the proper operating and functional use of the CIC POWERBOX products as outlined in the Installation / Operation manual(s), recommendation labels and other documentation. Warranty covers normal wear as may be expected over time. Any damage to the CIC POWERBOX, including dents, cuts, punctures, holes, or indications of misuse or abuse shall void the warranty. As a CIC POWERBOX is a product that provides continuous remote power for the operator’s use, any ‘downstream’ failure of any components within the system which in turn forces or contributes to the failure of the CIC POWERBOX, shall not be covered under the Warranty. Such ‘downstream’ events such as dead or direct short circuit of AC electric power or DC electric power, or a sustained electrical current draw that distresses the system into a failure mode, air pressure leaks or faulty equipment air leaks wherein the demand for air power is virtually constant, causing the CIC POWERBOX system to operate on or near a continuous basis operating the system to a failure mode, or limited performance mode, shall not be covered by the Warranty. If the internal chassis of the CIC POWERBOX is opened or breeched in any way, warranty is void. Warranty does not include cost of normal maintenance as may be required for minor mechanical adjustments, leaking clamps, and installation adjustments. Warranty is not transferable. All warranty expenses for dis-installation, re-installation, and shipping/delivery charges are at consumers’ cost. Warranty shall include all labor and material cost for replacement and repair of any faulty components which fall under Warranty. 

Warranty does not cover failures due to any act of God or other force majeure events beyond the manufacturer’s control. Please see additional warranty information located on the website at www.cicpowerbox.com . 

This Warranty is dated 4/23/2021. 

Contact CIC POWERBOX LLC for any current Warranty information.


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