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Electric Power

  • 6,000 x 12,000 watt
  • Modified Sine Wave
Air Power
  • 3 CFM @ 90 PSI
Jump-Start Capability
  • 12V Jump-Start
Battery Capacity
  • 5,400 Wh


Wired Remote Switch Panel

Pump Pack Port

Solar Compatible

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Take the Power of the grid with you wherever you go. The CIC POWERGRiD series delivers over 3 times the power of any other CIC Powerbox model while still providing the same air and jump-start capability.  Providing over 50 Amps of continuous 120v AC electric power and a 5,400 watt hour battery capacity, the CIC POWERGRiD is the perfect solution for a small crew that needs to run multiple applications at once, or utility vehicles that need heavy duty power for hours at a time.  With the ability to be mounted vertically or horizontally, The CIC POWERGRiD is perfect for RV’s, Campers, Utility Service Trucks, and Utility Vans wherever off-grid power is essential.  With the press of a button, you have access to heavy-duty electric power, air power, and jump-start capability.  With the press of a button, you can run Core Drills, Impacts, Nail Guns, Circle Saws, and Chainsaws on the jobsite, in the pasture or woods, in any remote location.  Change the way you get the job done, with the CIC POWERGRiD.

Our patented smart connect re-charging technology automatically connects to any 12v vehicle when your vehicle is running to start charging and automatically disconnects when the vehicle is off.  Run down your CIC Powerbox battery?  Just start your vehicle to begin recharging.  Run down your vehicle battery?  Simply press the “Self Jump-Start” button to automatically back feed the stored power from your CIC Powerbox to your vehicle for an instant jump-start.



  • 115v AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter
  • 6,000 watts continuous x 12,000 watt surge
  • 5,400 watt hour capacity


  • 125 PSI max / 90 PSI recycle
  • 3 CFM @ 90 PSI oil-less air compressor


  • 12V DC Jump-Start with up to 2,100 Cranking Amps
  • Working conditions from -40F up to 140F


power box power box


  • 20 amp weather-resistant external AC duplex outlet
  • 3-pin circular 30 amp RV connector
  • SB50 anderson 12v DC accessory port
  • 3 prong shore power connection port for recharging


  • Universal air coupler


  • One touch 12v self-jump start feature
  • 1 AWG 12′ jumper cables
  • Red Anderson® connector jump start port

Chassis Features

42” x 33” x 8”

Vehicle Quick Disconnect Hookup for Easy Installation and Removal
Diamond Tread Aluminum 1/8″ (0.125″) Chassis
750 lbs load bearing installed as bed / man walkable
Yellow Gloss Powder Coat Body / Black Textured Powder Coat Lid
Tamper-resistant, weather-resistant design
Full weather seal protects against the elements
4 heavy-duty spring-loaded handles for easy transport
6 M10 Rivnuts for horizontal or vertical mounting
4 rubber scratch-resistant feet

Product Package


  • 3 mounting bolt sets

  • Fusible Link complete with bolt, 2 washers, and 7/16″ nut.

  • 20′ of 2 AWG Positive vehicle-connection cable

  • 21′ of 2 AWG Vehicle Connection Cable

  • 10 pcs 8” Military Grade Cable Ties

  • CIC Powerbox™ Owner’s Manual

  • CIC Powerbox™ Installation Manual

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