Turn your pickup into a service truck with the CIC Powerbox Crossover model. Offering electric power, air power, and heavy-duty jump start power all in the convenience of a truck toolbox, the Crossover model will forever change the way you work.


The Crossover model offers the convenience of a truck toolbox with AC electric, air power, and heavy-duty jump-start built in. Reclaim your truck bed without sacrificing the power and utility you need to get the job done.

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Contractor's Crossover

With more electric power and a longer run-time, the Contractor's Crossover is perfect for tackling bigger jobs on a regular basis.  Save time, money and get the job done with the CIC Powerbox Crossover model.

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24v Crossover

With the same power as the Contractor’s Crossover, the 24V Crossover gives you the added ability to jump-start 24V equipment as well as giving you 1/2" Plate Steel Welding compatibility with the purchase of our CIC Powerarc Portable Welder

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Recharge while you drive.

Simply start the motor of your vehicle and your CIC Powerbox™ will automatically connect itself to be recharged from your alternating electrical system.  The simple 2 wire hookup is all that is required, one wire to the positive terminal of your battery, and one negative ground wire to the vehicle’s chassis. No other modifications needed. 

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