Your all-in-one portable power solution

Every CIC Powerbox model comes standard with electric power, air power & jump start power.

Each CIC Powerbox offers silent and emission-free AC power.

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Each CIC Powerbox offers 125 PSI air power starting at 3 CFM.

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Each CIC Powerbox offers 2,100 cold cranking amps of jump start power.

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DID you know?


Simply start the motor of your vehicle and your CIC Powerbox will automatically connect itself to be recharged from your alternating electrical system.

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Not only does a CIC Powerbox save you money on fuel and oil, it saves you time, so you can get the most out of your work.


With 0 emissions and re-charging while you drive or from solar, the CIC Powerbox is a greener way to get the job done.  


With no noise, no flammable fuel, no toxic emissions and no heavy lifting, a CIC Powerbox makes every jobsite safer.


Add the CIC Powerarc Portable Welder to an 24v CIC Powerbox for instant 1/2″ plate steel welding anywhere in the field.

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CIC Pump Pack

Need more air power? Add an additional 6 CFM to any CIC Powerbox model or use as a standalone air compression system.

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